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Known from Die Höhle der Löwen (German version of Shark Tank)! A custom make-over of their Shopify Store to prepare for the big day on TV.

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Even when you buy an expensive theme for your Shopify store, no theme will be 100% ready for your customers.
Most themes don't allow you to tell your story just the way you would like to, and for almost all companies, selling your story is the single most important driver to conversion.

As Laori was approaching their big day on the German version of Shark Tank, they knew that they would have to work on their storytelling. Expecting the large influx of site-visits that goes hand in hand with such a public appearance, even small increases in conversion rate can mean a very large number in sales.

As their Shopify theme was not offering the right tools, they approached us - and we custom-coded all their desired sections, taking their product pages from almost no story at all to a product page with a personality. We finished the project up with a few more sections for their homepage, to make sure no conversion is left behind on the big day.


Custom Shopify Homepage Sections:

  • Our Customers Say:
  • Logo Section
  • Customer Reviews (Trusted Shops)

Custom Product Page Sections:

  • Customer Reviews (Trusted Shops)
  • "Who We Are"
  • "Discover our recipes" (Blog-Link Section)
  • "Our Story" & "Manufacturing" Sections (rich text with link-buttons and pictures)
  • FAQ Section

Our custom sections use blocks and thus accommodate a flexible number of elements. Furthermore, we utilize variables wherever possible to let you adjust as many styling parameters as possible without having to touch a single line of code.

June 2, 2021


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