your Fastest Way to Secure A software engineering job.

A fully digital coding accelerator to prepare you for your next big role!

Participate in our free online learning tournament and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Get selected for our exclusive talent program and land a well-paid job in tech.

Only pay for the mentoring once you found a job!

Take part in our online tournament and get selected for mentoring!

Becoming a software engineer allows you to earn ahigh wage working from anywhere in the world Work remotely for top tech companies or start your freelancing career - programmers are in high demand!

A programmer who knows his Coding will never have to worry about finding a secure job - and that's where we want to get you! Take our bootcamp, rise to the top, find a mentor, and start your new life with the help of a stable profession.

3 Steps to Become An In-Demand Software Engineer:

Join the tournament and reach the top 50

Learn job-relevant skills in your own pace by completing expert-curated learning paths.

Make consistent progress, engage with the community and climb up the leaderboard.

Get selected and join the global talent program

High potentials get selected by industry-veterans for our talent program.

Refine your coding skills, access world-class mentors and become an elite software engineer.

Prepare yourself for your dream job

Our services include a CV-check, interview preparation and networking opportunities to give you a head start.

Skip the regular application process with personal introductions to decision-makers.

What does it cost?

You only pay once you receive the fruits of your hard labour!

Competing in the coding tournament and joining the community is FREE.  If you are selected for our talent program and decide to proceed to the next level, you sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA) with us.

Once you found a job and earn at least US $1,000 a month, 10% of your income will be shared with us – up to a maximum of US $15,000. ISAs align our incentives and make sure to provide everybody with equal opportunities - regardless of your background.

Our mentors work for top tech-companies all over the world:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious, self-driven and motivated learners. We believe that dedication and ambition are the only way to great success - so we expect our community members to match our core values.

Do you think you have what it takes?
Apply today to start your coding adventure and turn your dreams into reality!

What the FAQ?

Does the bootcamp cost anything?

No! There are absolutely no costs for signing up and taking our bootcamp!

Then how do you make money?

Once you are selected by one of our mentors, you sign an Income Share Agreement with us. Together with your mentor, we will coach you further and get you that job you've been dreaming off. In return, we get a part of your income, up to a maximum amount of $15,000, which is shared between your mentor and us. Sounds fair?

Do I need to have any previous coding knowledge?

Absolutely not! If you have previous experience - fine! If not - also fine! Our bootcamp will supply you with all the resources you need to get started.

How long does everything take?

The time needed to finish will be different form person to person - but expect it to take you anywhere from 2-6 months.
The length of the mentoring phase will very much depend on your personal needs - What skills do you want to learn? Where do you want to end up? Again, this phase might take you between 1-3 months, on average.

Do you guarantee me a job afterwards?

While we cannot give you 100% job guarantee (nobody can!), there is a large need for talented software engineer out there. We are very confident that we will get you a well-paid job with our talent program and world-class mentors. Thanks to our ISA, you don't have to pay anything if you don't find a job afterwards. So what's there to lose?

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